Team Y&R Amman

Brief: To design our 2015 calendar. 
Challenge: Every year, Team Y&R comes up with an extremely creative calendar, so our challenge was outdoing ourselves with even an even more creative idea and executions.
Concept: What makes us shine as unique individuals, and how how it all comes together to create an outstanding agency.

- Country Manager: Ivan Milovanovic
- Head of Art / Photographer: Hazem Jweinat
- Senior Art Director: Mohammed Odeh
- 3D Artist: Khaled Alkayed
- Senior Graphic Designer: Mohammed Al Nazer
- Senior Graphic Designer: Eyad Al Omar
- Concept / Senior Graphic Designer: Rita Malekian
- Graphic Designer: Mirna Abu Aita

- Head of Copy: Naser AlKhalaileh
- Arabic Copywriter: Marwa Aqqad
- Jr. English Copywriter: Shatha Altrad

The Building Blocks | Concept  and execution by Mohammed Al Nazer 
The Wide Network | Concept and crafting by Eyad Al Omar
The Room to Flourish | Concept and crafting by Rita Malekian
The Colorful Ideas | Concept and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Space to Grow | Concept and execution by Khaled Al Kayed
The Right People | Concept and crafting by Adam Fierman
The Love for Perfection | Concept and execution by Mohammed Odeh and Khaled Alkayed
The Flawless Rhythm | Concept and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Perfect Synergy | Concept and execution by Khaled Alkayed
The Urge to Create | Concept  and crafting by Mirna Abu Aita
The Strokes of Genius | Concept by Ivan Milovanovic
The Close-Knit Family | Concept and crafting by Marwa Aqqad

What Makes Us Shine | Concept by Hazem Jweinat
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