Rolls Royce  Idea
The idea came when I was watching movies like Death Race and Mad Max. They gave me the urge to do something similar so I started with Maybach Exelero then Ferrari Enzo and finished here with Rolls Royce. In the beginning my goal was to work in a unique way that distinguished my work from others, which led me to spend quite a bit of time thinking and trying to come up with stranger and better ideas than anything that I've ever seen.
Additions and modifications
I also collected lots of references for what I wanted to add and modify on the vehicle like the weapons, rockets, wheels, shields and doors. Some sites I used to find things are Prime Portal and Tactical Vehicles News. I worked on every model separately and when it was finished I added it to the main body.
More references and what they look like on the finished car
Some models of the modifications
Main body of the car
UV Mapping
I use XrayUnwrap plugin because it's a good way to speed up your work in pipeline for UV Mapping. I worked on every part separately as this makes the texturing stage easier for me. Once I was done with unwrapping I applied the checker pattern shader to make sure the UVs were set correctly and look for problems.
Free tutorial  on 3DTOTAL link

- Project Rolls Royce has been announced Artist Of The Year at AREA Autodesk. link
- Middle East Talents Awards announce Rolls Royce winner of category cars.  link
- Project Rolls Royce has been announced June's "Artist of the month" at AREA Autodesk. link
- Project Rolls Royce has been awarded 3DTotal Excellence Award from 3DTotal. link
- Honorable mention From Howww team for Rolls Royce project. link
- Vray World Team announces project Rolls Royce winner of the Best VizObject of the month. link
- Project Rolls Royce winner of the May 2015 gallery AWARD in 3DTOTAL. link
- 3D World group chose Rolls Royce project one of the best work of the group in May 5 - 2015. link
- Autodesk and Autodesk Maya Feature Rolls Royce project on Facebook, Twitter and Inestgeram. link
- Project Rolls Royce has been awarded dope AWARD from DOPE AWARDS. link

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